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Group Therapy and Support

Current Offerings

Groups provide the benefit of decreasing isolation,  sharing insights and experiences

and getting multiple perspectives. Wisdom comes from the group, not only from the leader. .

I have been active member of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. I have served on its Board of Directors, and have served on various committees, including the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  I am certified by the International Board of Group Psychotherapy (CGP).

Certified Group Psychotherapist
Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy

Speaking of Drinking 

A group for people to learn about various options for changing drinking patterns, and to share life circumstances and feelings with other members who struggle with alcohol. Wednesday 6-PM-7:15 PM on Zoom. $45. Options of daytime hours if there is interest.

Young Creatives 20s to 40 
Share your creative pursuits--art, music poetry and alternative media--with others. A great way to cope with the pandemic! We also talk about issues related to substances, anxiety, relationships etc. $50.  ^ weeks during summer, hope to restart in the fall. 


Speaking of Weed TBA

A pending group for those who would like to talk about concerns about their marijuana use in this new environment of legal use. 

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