Psychotherapy: Individuals, Couples,                   Groups
  •   I am an interpersonal therapist. I am attuned to the relationship we develop together in the room, as we explore thoughts and feelings that occur in the here-and-now, and attend also to the there-and-then. You are more than a diagnosis: you are YOU.
  • I am a Harm Reduction Therapist. I work with you to increase your safety in matters of substance use and other risks. I collaborate with you on finding modes of getting safer and healthier in ways that are right for you.  I am a supporter of Moderation Management, SMART Recovery, and a Life Process Model. If abstinence is right for you, I support whatever means you use to get there.
  • I am a humanistic and existential therapist. What does this mean? In addition to my psychodynamic training, I am attuned to concerns about meaning and mortality that affect us all throughout the life-span. I am not driven by the categories constructed by the DSM.
  • I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist, through the International Society for Certification of Group Psychotherapists.I am aware of social, biological and psychological contexts that make us who we are. I lead groups because I find the interactions and collective experience in groups to be endlessly fascinating and helpful, creating bonds in powerful ways. In groups, I am not the one expert in the room! To learn more about group psychotherapy, follow this link.
  • I am a member of the Board of Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy, its Sages task force and its Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  I am a member of Mayor Joe Curtatone's task force   on establishing a Safe Consumption Site to         prevent overdose deaths.
  1. For the duration of the pandemic I am conducting all individual and group sessions on ZOOM. I am committed to the safety of those who seek my services.
Heading 6

Psychotherapy from a Harm Reduction Perspective:


A group that has developed since 2016 for members to talk about finding the approach for alcohol use that is right for them.  Moderation Management listed therapist, offer insight into multiple approaches, and help members address underlying history, family of origin, and internalized messages about drinking and substance use. Affordablee at $45. per session


That says it all. RSVP me for this improvisational group for visual artists, musicians, writers and poets and whatever medium I may have left out. $45. Call to reserve a place. 


Rivkah Lapidus, Ph.D; LMHC; CGP (617) 666-2110

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